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Save time by utilizing CapIO®’s extensive application libraries

On average, utilizing CapIO can take a week’s worth of testing efforts and reduce it down to 45 minutes of automation. The earlier the defects are caught; the more time and money can be saved from resolving the defect. In addition, resources that were testing prior, can now become available.


ServiceNow® Command Library

We have the user in mind. CapIO currently has over 400 ServiceNow commands that cover Form, List, Field, Navigation, Service Catalog, Service Portal and more are added when new ServiceNow® features are developed. With advanced tools like IntelliSense and large reference of examples, users can create scripts faster and easier.


CapIO makes it easy for you to test any version of ServiceNow. When you're upgrading to the next release or patch, CapIO scripts will continue to run. Whether you're in Geneva, Orlando or beyond, simply define the version in the test plan before execution.


Add to the framework by creating your own custom functions. CapIO's flexibility allows you to extend the core CapIO API to test your ServiceNow customizations. This makes writing reusable code easier within the application.

Custom Commands


CapIO's APIs are created in lay terms so it's easy to understand and write. The desired actions become the script you need to write. With business level commands, there's no translation or further explanation required.



Users appreciate that CapIO is Selenium-based, which doesn't place any limits on your testing. Using Selenium provides realistic results and executes tests outside of the ServiceNow instance with no user interaction necessary.

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