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Increase options using CapIO’s approachable yet flexible functionality

With CapIO you can now test beyond the ServiceNow platform with no limitation to using only ServiceNow commands. Due to the flexibility of CapIO, there is no roadblock into what system you can integrate with. The options to innovate are endless! As a user-friendly system, even those without a background in coding can create test cases using CapIO. Read more to learn about the approachable yet flexible options that CapIO has to offer, including flexible integration options and more.


Point and Click Recording

CapIO® Recorder allows users of all skill levels to contribute to test writing. The intelligent point and click recording generates test cases as you move through the test steps. Not only does it generate the test script, but it also records the test steps in plain English that can be turned into documentation.


JavaScript Based

CapIO is based on JavaScript so current ServiceNow developers and administrations won't require additional training to start test writing. Allow your team to use what they already know and continue on the path of automation.

Case Creator

Create hundreds of test cases in seconds. The Case Creator intelligently generates test cases based off your ServiceNow configurations. It expedites your ability to write System Tests by generating cases for business rules, UI policies, UI actions and more.


Automate Notifications

Configure CapIO to report the test results to your preference. Notifiers allow CapIO® to handle test run results by creating records and notification or by forwarding the information to another system. Users can create notifications to handle the results of the test that can be sent by email, Slack or any other REST or SOAP integration.


Automate Executions

Customize when the tests should run and eliminate the manual clicking of the execution. Triggers allow users to modify when tests should be running. Whether you want the test to run daily, weekly, or when a story moves to testing, set a schedule and CapIO will execute as instructed.

Scales With Your Testing Maturity

CapIO scales with your developing testing strategies, as it pertains to the levels, testing types and enhancements. Whether it is enforcing best practices, or if you’re already hooked into the automation process, you can add an additional level of checks on the story or input form to enforce that tests are written, executing, or passing. CapIO has the ability to add an extra level of the process and can adapt easily to your process.


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