Our proven methodology, 360° Testing™, unlocks the full potential of ServiceNow®

Do you want to start adding new modules, capabilities, or custom applications to your ServiceNow® environment? If the answer is yes, we can help you do it faster and more reliably. One of the core pieces of CapIO’s Methodology gives you the ability to build or chain a process that naturally moves onto the next phase, known as automation.

We built CapIO with the goal to have our process be chainable to hook into any phase/lifecycle of development. If you are using ServiceNow® for the development process, it is a seamless process as these hooks already exist within ServiceNow, thus creating a cohesive chain from the planning to development to deployment phases. It can all be managed within ServiceNow®, and CapIO hooks nicely into that cycle.

CapIO’s ability to hook into different processes and phases enables the system to clear any roadblocks, so you can continue to test and innovate rapidly.


End-to-End Testing Strategy

Not only can you test individual components, you can test the whole cycle, end-to-end. Test as often as you need to, not just once or twice a month. CapIO’s 360° Testing™ methodology makes it possible to integrate testing for other enterprise applications, as well as go beyond functional testing.


DevOps Lifecycle Integration

As mentioned in the above Methodology overview, CapIO can plug into the DevOps lifecycle. With this methodology, various tools that you use in DevOps can be hooked together to create a quicker roadmap for the development process.

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