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7 Ways to Get Through Your Next ServiceNow® Upgrade

7 ways to get through your next servicenow upgrade

Preparing for the next version of ServiceNow® can be easy! Here are 7 ways to get through your next ServiceNow® upgrade:

1. Bring Point and Click Recording to Your Testing Party

∙ Users of all skill levels can create test cases, not just developers

∙ Use CapIO to test Service Portal, custom workflows, elements and applications as well as Forms, Lists, Notifications, Related Lists, Surveys, Chat, Popups and more

2. Automatically Generate Test Cases

∙ CapIO reads your ServiceNow® configuration to automatically create tests

∙ No need for templates when you can generate tailor-made test cases in seconds

3. Live Playback for Faster Results

∙ Testing on demand helps users write code that works faster

∙ Find defects in real-time and separate from your local browser

4. Get More Platform Coverage with Different Testing Types

∙ Unit Test

∙ System Test

∙ Acceptance Test

∙ Smoke Test

∙ Regression Test

∙ User-Based Security Test

∙ Performance Test

5. Set It and Forget It

∙ Go ahead, schedule your tests to run

∙ Then automate the notification of test results through email or DevOps tools like Jenkins, Slack and more

6. Test Cases that Practice Self-Care

∙ Keep your test scripts up to date with Test Case Sources by linking test cases and requirements

∙ If there’s a change to your test case, it’ll be flagged for your team to review

7. Future Proof Testing

∙ With every ServiceNow® release, CapIO does the legwork to keep your tests working

∙ It’s on Cerna to maintain the API for over 400 commands that are at your fingertips

Interested in learning how CapIO can help with your next upgrade? Contact us today for a free demo!


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