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A Strategy Towards Test Automation

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It’s easy to buy-in on the value of testing your ServiceNow apps: better business outcomes and happier users. But, making testing happen in a consistent, dependable way is another story. There’s never enough time to test everything or enough resources to do the actual testing. And, there’s no end to the types of things that cause change, like changes to system settings, extensions of the user interface, and new features. In order to test thoroughly and completely, a testing strategy should include testing at all stages of development and at multiple levels. It should define how requirements are used to create tests, how those tests should be organized and maintained, how and when tests should be executed and how defects should be logged from the results.

Start with the end in mind

Decide which applications or areas are the most important to test. This may mean areas of the system which are the most impactful to users or areas which take the longest time to test manually.

Decide which levels of testing are important

What type of testing will you do? Testing can validate individual components in ServiceNow with Unit Testing or entire workflows in an application with End-to-End Testing. Usually, a test strategy incorporates multiple levels of testing to ensure components work individually and taken as a whole.

Specify how tests will be created

When is a test required? Clear rules should define when tests should be created and by whom. These rules should be enforced as part of the development lifecycle.

Define how tests are maintained

Change happens! Plan for upkeep. Automated tests will evolve with your system and your test strategy should define how test maintenance occurs.

Having a test strategy will allow your organization to realize those benefits quicker and with less initial investment. This will help your organization transition from manual activities to automation effectively and efficiently. So now that you're informed about strategy, ready to learn about the automation? Here's how you start. See the Schedule a Demo text a few scrolls below this? Click on that and we'll take care of you.


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