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CapIO Recorder Now includes Service Portal, Custom Elements and CapIO mini Integration

Introducing the latest version of CapIO Recorder, the point and click Recording tool for ServiceNow that allows users of all skill levels to contribute to test automation. CapIO Recorder is a Chrome extension that automatically generates a test case through user actions. We’ve add 30% more coverage! The latest release now includes Service Portal and custom element coverage, along with the CapIO mini integration.

Most interactions start with Service Portal, and now CapIO Recorder is able to capture those elements. CapIO Recorder now covers search, navigation, filling out forms, validating widget texts and more.

For commands that were not previously covered, we now added recordable custom elements. Whether it’s custom pages built or custom formatters that have been added to the instance, CapIO Recorder can now capture those elements and turn it into a command.

Lastly, CapIO Recorder and CapIO mini are now integrated, so you can playback your test directly by clicking Run. That’ll trigger CapIO mini to execute the test in real-time. CapIO is automated testing for ServiceNow. It enables you to test quicker and more often allowing for faster upgrades. For more information on CapIO or to see a full demo, contact us today.


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