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Execute Test Cases Locally for Faster Results with CapIO mini

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

How do you debug a test case without executing the entire test plan?

Normally, when you are debugging an automated test script, you execute on the server and get the results back. If you are debugging a single test case, it may only take a few minutes of your time. However, if you need to execute the full test plan, even if you only need the results of a single case, you may find yourself waiting several minutes to an hour (or more) for the results. That is not feasible for most projects which require many small changes to be made quickly and frequently. You need the ability to pull a single test at a time outside of your testing application and server process, allowing people to write and debug their tests faster.

CapIO makes it easier for developers to execute test cases outside of the server as well as write test cases to be executed locally using the CapIO mini console. CapIO mini executes in real-time and allows your team the visibility to observe the progress of your script as it transitions through each step of the test. Once the test is completed, you can clearly see the results in CapIO mini. Results will inform users of a successful run or provide failing error details.


  • Expedite test writing with CapIO mini.

  • Easily discover and correct errors without the added delay and distraction of waiting for a full plan to execute.

  • Remove the back and forth by getting the test case done right the first time around.

  • Receive instant feedback with live playback

  • An interactive experience for the developer to rewind and replay quickly

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