ReCapIO - No. 1

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Today, we are happy to launch the first edition of ReCapIO - the CapIO Team's Development blog - where we talk about CapIO features, automated testing and more! We hope this will help keep everyone informed about the platform and help you with your automation journey.


  • Orlando Beta functionality released! 🎉🎉

  • NEW Jump To feature allows you to navigate between recent records and common tables from anywhere within the CapIO application.

  • Versioning Exists!

Upcoming Release

Orlando Support

We’ll have two releases: 2.16.4, which addressed some defects in the ServiceNow Framework and 2.17.0, which introduced the Orlando Beta (pictured below) support. Since Orlando is still under development, this will likely get a few more updates up to the release. We will include any known issues we see in the release notes.

Jump To

As long as we have been using ServiceNow, the navigation can take some effort to go between pages. Trying to navigate up and down related records can be time-consuming and often puts you in the wrong place. In 2.17.0, we released a new feature to simplify this navigation we call Jump To. It allows you to quickly navigate between CapIO records from the context menu. Just right click on the form header and at the bottom will be a new CapIO menu. It will show some of the most recent items and at the bottom quick links to navigate to the Plan and Latest Run.

Using the Jump To Feature

Spotlight Feature

Test Case Versioning

Versioning is a new feature in CapIO 2.16.0 and adds the ability to have multiple concurrent test cases that can be executed in different environments. This means that while code is being developed - before it is integrated with production - a different test case can be used to validate functionality.

Here is a quick video highlighting the usage of the feature.

Question of the Week

How can I run a test in Headless Mode in CapIO?

Chrome has recently release functionality to run Chrome completely in headless mode. This is a special mode for automation which allows the browser to run without actually showing the user interface. It is useful in cases where the CapIO Service is running as a Windows Service without an interactive session.

To enable headless mode go to your test’s Configuration and add a new Option and set the fields

  • Option to headless

  • Value to true

Your tests should now run without the interface but everything else should stay the same, even the ability to take screenshots.

Enabling Headless Mode

// Last Comments

A note to our customers: Lately, we have seen many questions come in through our product support system that are really great! It helps us improve the product when you ask questions, so if you're curious or have an idea for a product feature, please do not hesitate to open a ticket. Thanks! - Sal

Are we testing ServiceMeow? - Mike's Cat.

Questions? Comments? Let us know! And if you're testing ServiceMeow like Mike's cat, post your picture below!

-The CapIO Dev Team


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