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Run Automated Tests Without Restrictions

When it comes to test automation, relying on the test execution shouldn't be a concern. At its core, CapIO® is built on Selenium, which is an industry standard for automation. Selenium enables CapIO to do things like test real user actions (as opposed to programmatic events that are triggered) and test across browsers to identify inconsistent results before your users do. While other automation tools may restrict you to a single browser execution, CapIO allows users different ways to run your tests.

CapIO Server - CapIO server is a separate piece outside of your ServiceNow® instance. No need to be logged into your current browser and wait for the test to run. CapIO doesn't limit you to the number of servers or executions. Yes, you read that correctly. You can set up as many servers as you like, and you can execute tests with no limitations. Does your organization have several departments that have their own test plans to execute? Spin up a server for each department and allow your team to increase the test coverage.

CapIO mini - CapIO mini is a standalone desktop application that allows users to test interactively. This significantly speeds up test development as it lets you build scripts in real time. Developers love this tool as it allows them to test code line by line and provides confidence that the tests will succeed before passing through to the server. The test will run on demand in a separate browser allowing you to still have your ServiceNow® instance up and running without interruption.

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