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Test Designer + Case Creator = Dynamic Duo for ServiceNow Test Automation

What if we said you can create test cases based on your ServiceNow environment in just a few minutes with very little coding? Would you believe us?

Check out this short video:

Yes, you saw that correctly. Yes, CapIO can design a test plan based on your heart's content (or as directed by your management ). And yes, CapIO can generate full end to end test cases based on your configuration.

Wondering how CapIO can jumpstart your ServiceNow test automation journey? Here's what we recommend:

  • Use Test Designer for your test plan layout

  • Generate test cases with Case Creator

  • Use either record or script the remaining details as needed

  • Run CapIO mini to playback and confirm your tests are complete

Here's some feedback from showing the Dynamic Duo to our customers:

"Wow, I like it!"
"This is great, this is technology that our developers understand!"
"This is really nice to have!"
"That's so easy!"
"This is really cool, I can't wait to use it!"

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