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Why CapIO®?

Why are customers choosing CapIO®?

With our extensive experience with ServiceNow® and Automated Testing, we strive to build the CapIO platform to eliminate the frustrating pain points of manual testing. We’ve dedicated thousands of hours in building one of the first all-inclusive automated testing platforms for ServiceNow®. We’re not done yet, we value customer feedback and take every request into consideration.  We’ve assessed every angle and equipped CapIO with features and capabilities you’ll need to be successful in your automation journey.

Benefits of CapIO

Upgrade more often without compromising coverage quality

Test anytime of day, as many times as you want, 24/7

Increase collaboration between departments

Full visibility of progress, results, and updates all in one place

Accessible to all users and all skill levels

Free up resources to focus on other tasks

Find defects faster

No limitations on what can be achieved