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Stay organized with CapIO’s centralized system

CapIO helps you stay organized by eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets across your team, offering centralized dashboards that provide increased visibility, trace requirements from start to finish, easy to run reporting of complex data, and access to documentation on demand.


Single Code Repository

CapIO's test layout consists of Plans, Suites, and Cases. They are accessibly organized all in one central repository. and conveniently organized by individual plans or groups. The single code repository provides a clear view of your team's work and eliminates the use of spreadsheets


Centralized Dashboard

With CapIO's centralized dashboard, easily check the status of your tests executions. The easy to read interface allows visibility to see the total run time, results by week, what's recently completed, what's scheduled and more. Track your progress all in one place.


Automated Documentation

The results are easy accessible within ServiceNow. Effortlessly populate documentation with Generate Docs. CapIO can translate executed test cases into plain text with accompanying screenshots to keep all team members on the same page.


Requirements Traceability

Stay compliant with CapIO's requirement traceability. This provides a chain of evidence of tests passing. Screenshots are provided to document test results. Whether you need to track retrospectively from a result to identify a test case or trace forward to identify all tests cases have been enabled from a story level, CapIO's requirement traceability will keep a paper trail for easier reporting.

Test Case Sources

Easily track the changes made to your cases with Test Case Sources. Automate the maintenance process to flag if configurations have been made. If a change has been processed, the test case will be marked as "Review." Users will have clear visibility on what to update to ensure tests are successfully passing.

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