Automated Testing for Workday

Increase your testing coverage without the effort.

Start Automating Your Tests Now


Test Designer

An interactive guide to easily and quickly create test plans​


Data-Driven Testing

Leverage data to enhance the development cycle

Case Creator

Generate test cases based on your processes and transactions

Application Integrations

CapIO is flexible and extensible. You can hook CapIO with other applications and test that integration as well

Executions and Notifications

Automated tests to run on a schedule and configure notifications of results whether by email, Slack, text, and more

Detailed Reporting

Test results include screenshots, test status and a detailed log file of the test run that's easy to read  and document

CapIO mini

Get instant feedback with live playbacks of your tests. Improve the speed of test writing and debug tests faster

Future Proof APIs

We  maintain the API so you don't have to 

Test Case Versioning

The ability to have multiple concurrent test cases that can be executed in different environments

Workday testing that's easy and fast

Manual testing and using spreadsheets aren't sustainable. It requires extensive effort and precision. What if we told you we can help you prepare for your next Workday upgrade with lesser resources and time? What if we told you can have full end to end tests created in a matter of seconds?


CapIO for Workday

With two required updates a year, streamline your automation to save time with resources and minimizing defects. 

Central Repository

All tests are organized in the test repository, where test cases are authored, executed and maintained. 

Schedule your test executions and automate your notifications. 

Regression Testing

End to End Testing

Unit Testing

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